BIO 462/662 (Molecular Genetics)

A lecture course for graduate and senior undergraduate students that covers: applications of recombinant DNA methodology to the study of gene function; mechanisms regulating protein function and gene expression; overview of the molecular causes of spontaneous and inherited diseases; and introduction to genomic and proteomic methods. Team taught with Drs. Erdman, Belote and Maine of the Biology Department.

BIO 465/665 (Molecular Biology Lab)

A laboratory course for graduate and senior undergraduate students that is designed to teach basic experimental techniques including DNA isolation, restriction endonuclease cleavage of DNA, gene cloning, tissue culture techniques, construction of transgenic plants, gene expression analysis, and other techniques central to Molecular Biology.

BIO 787 (Functional Genomics)

A seminar course for graduate students to discuss various methods used in Functional Genomics and their applications to study biological processes at the genomic scale.

BIO 400/600 (Modern Concepts in Biology)

Team taught with several Biology faculty.